Tuesday at the Tringham's

We start the New Year series on Tuesday 10th January 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys when we will join together for a time of fellowship and sharing and a preview of the series we will be studying for the next few weeks.

Tuesday 17th January we will start our new series.
Life Explored is the very recently published series that follows Discipleship Explored that we looked at earlier in 2016, and was very popular with the group. It was a great practical help as we looked at the bible and applied it to our lives. Life Explored uses the same format with a combination of video presentation, bible passage and discussion. See Life Explored click here  See the introduction to Life Explored click here

Tuesday 24th January 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys
Session 1 - The Good God

Tuesday 31st January 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys
Session 2 - The Trustworthy God

Tuesday 7th February 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys
Session 3 - The Generous God

Monday 13th February no meeting for school half term holiday

Tuesday 21st February 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys
Session 4 - The Liberating God

Tuesday 28th February 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys
Session 5 - The Fulfilling God

Tuesday 7th March no meeting (large part of the group are away).

Tuesday 14th March 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys
Session 6 - The Life-Giving God

Tuesday 21st  March 4pm at 1 Samuels Close, Warboys Session 7 - The Joyful God

Tuesday 27th March - End of term fellowship

A Year in Christianity Explored at the Tringham's on Tuesday for 2017             
Summer Term 2017
We will look at Christianity Explored, a widely acclaimed course and new to some and an opportunity for those who have done Christianity Explored previously to take a fresh look at the course and to invite any friend or neighbour they feel able to bring along to join us for the course. We can decide on a more neutral venue if that would help us to bring friends.
See Christianity Explored
 click here

 See the introduction to Christianity Explored click here

Autumn Term 2017
We will look again at Discipleship Explored. This was a very popular series in 2016 that the group have requested to run again as there was so much to learn from it. As we run the series again this is an opportunity to encourage our Christian friends to join the group for the course of seven weeks.
To see Discipleship Explored
 click here 

See an introduction to Discipleship Explored click here

Everyone welcome If you have missed recent meetings or recent series please be assured you are warmly invited to any of all of the planned sessions in 2017, don't wait to be invited just come. If you have a friend who you would like to invite please feel free to do so.

Prayer underlies everything we do, we need to be a praying people, please;

  • Pray that we will be very aware of the Lord's presence as we gather together.
  • Pray that we will be Christ centred
  • Pray for the Lord's leading as we plan the programme.
  • Pray for one another that all members of the group are covered in prayer.
  • Pray for those we know in our churches to be committed to join a home group.
  • Pray that our groups will be welcoming. 
  • Pray for the opportunity to invite friends and neighbours to join the group.

W: http://warboys.org/tringhams-tuesday.html 
E: thelounge@warboys.org 

It never ceases to amaze me how much we all have to learn about God and what he has actually accomplished for us in Jesus.

So we love Jesus.

We were once very upset that a visitor very publicly accused the group of being stuffy, that is the last thing we are. Neither are we a clique,

We are taking a break for the summer and we start meeting again on 17th September.Over the next few weeks will be informally discussing what it is we will focus on for the autumn.

Feel free to join us we are NOT AT ALL STUFFY

Please feel free to come on in.

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