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A Pattern for Prayer

Monday 7.30pm

A series of studies in the Lords Prayer    

Dates for Summer 2018

23rd April – Our Father

30th April – Hallowed be your name

14th May – Your kingdom come

21st May – Your will be done

4th June – Give us today………

11th June – Forgive us as we forgive

18th June – Lead us not to a time of trial

25th June – Deliver us from evil

How do we grow in our relationship with the Lord? One of the most important ways is by prayer. Yet we have to admit we do not always know what to pray or how to pray. Setting time apart to pray was important to Jesus. To help us, Jesus provided a pattern for prayer in what we call today ‘The Lords Prayer’. Though this study we will learn more about the heavenly Father whom we address in our prayers, how we should pray and what we should be praying.

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Prayer underlies everything we do, we need to be a praying people, please;

  • Pray that we will be very aware of the Lord's presence as we gather together.
  • Pray that we will be Christ centred
  • Pray for the Lord's leading as we plan the programme.
  • Pray for one another that all members of the group are covered in prayer.
  • Pray for those we know in our churches to be committed to join a home group.
  • Pray that our groups will be welcoming. 
  • Pray for the opportunity to invite friends and neighbours to join the group.


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