Bible Study |

The lounge is the place where we meet for bible study, prayer and fellowship.

As a group we meet to learn, share and mutually encourage one another

As we read of the life if the early Christian church we see a model that was almost entirely made up of small groups of people who gathered in homes, synagogues and open spaces for fellowship, friendship, teaching, prayer and sharing.

These small communities had a significant impact on the lives of those who belonged and it certainly was a very dynamic time in the life of Christians.

The impact of these small groups cannot be under estimated as the most effective means of growth in the church. Sound bible teaching is not universally appreciated either inside or outside the church, but it is the bible based Christians who can claim God’s promise and will stand the test of time.

In the lounge we are a group of people from different churches in the Huntingdon, St Ives, Warboys and Ramsey areas who live in Warboys and meet to explore our Christian faith, to learn a bit more, to enjoy being together and then going out and putting our faith into action.

We see Jesus as a man of action, a man who showed us how to make a difference.

But not just a man, he was also fully God.

We dont always understand that and we have many i’s to dot and t’s to cross with our faith…..

…… but that is the fun, we can do it together.

If you fancy joining us that would be great.

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